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Fairhair overview

Fairhair is an alliance of leading companies from the lighting, building automation, semiconductor and IT industries that aims to facilitate the Internet of Things (IoT) for commercial buildings.

Convergence of building systems with IT facilitates IoT for commercial buildings. Each data point and sensor will be able to communicate and interact with each other, and benefit from end-to-end security for all connected devices.


Fairhair’s approach is to adapt existing IP technologies to the requirements of building control, enabling successful ecosystems and building applications for the IoT.

Fairhair and the IoT

Fairhair envisions a future where the building automation and lighting control industries use IoT technologies to build secure, cost-effective and scalable systems.

This will enable the use of a single, unified, common IP-based network infrastructure in commercial buildings.

Such a shared IP-based network also supports the use of resource-constrained devices, including sensors, lamps, luminaires, thermostats and dimmers.

Fairhair will support strong, well-established ecosystems such as BACnet, KNX and zigbee. Fairhair does not aim to define a new application-layer protocol.


Fairhair is an open, global organisation and welcomes new members.
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Fairhair is a Partner Program of IEEE-ISTO.

What will Fairhair do?

The Fairhair Alliance will collect the requirements of the building automation, lighting control and IT industries and use these to develop a set of technical specifications for a common IP-based infrastructure, based on open IEEE and IETF standards.

Fairhair specifications define common network services such as security and service discovery, and common definitions of resource modelling.
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The Alliance has liaison agreements with relevant organizations – such as BACnet, KNX, OpenAIS, Thread and zigbee – to promote and support adoption of the Fairhair specifications.