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Harald Fairhair

Origin of the Fairhair name

Unification is a key element of the Fairhair Alliance, and this is reflected in our name.

Harald Fairhair (Harald Hårfagre; c. 850 – c. 932) is remembered by medieval historians as the first King of Norway. Harald was regarded as having unified Norway into one kingdom.

The unification of Norway begins with a marriage proposal that resulted in rejection and scorn from Gyda, the daughter of Eirik, king of Hordaland. She said she refused to marry Harald "before he was king over all of Norway".

Harald was therefore induced to take a vow not to cut nor comb his hair until he was sole king of Norway, and when he was justified in trimming it ten years later, he exchanged the epithet "Shockhead" or "Tanglehair" for the one by which he is usually known.