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Fairhair member statements

Philips Lighting

‘Philips Lighting joined the Fairhair Alliance with a view to creating a breakthrough for the Internet of Things in professional buildings. Fairhair will enable a standard IP, low power infrastructure that will break down the barriers between lighting and building automation. For us the specifications that Fairhair is creating play an essential role in realizing that goal. They will lead to profound changes and improve the way that we commission, secure and manage our large scale lighting systems in buildings.’

Dee Denteneer
Standards & Regulations, Philips Lighting



‘Siemens Building Technologies decided to actively initiate the Fairhair Alliance together with our partners, to drive the market and standardization of IoT compliant constrained building automation and lighting control devices. With the increasing need of commercial building automation to join the Internet of Things, common network services should be aligned among the most popular open communication protocol standards for building automation and lighting control. Otherwise a network interoperable way of using the IoT infrastructure and common security architecture will not become reality. We strongly believe that these objectives can be best achieved through a strong industry association, which is exactly what the Fairhair Alliance is.‘

Klaus Waechter
Global Standardization Manager at Siemens Schweiz AG, International Headquarters


Zumtobel Group

‘The Internet of Things (IoT) is a new challenge for entire industries. Sensors, switches and luminaires will be interacting with each other in future in smart systems. The Zumtobel Group has identified the Fairhair Alliance as a key success factor to come closer to an IPv6 connected IoT infrastructure. The vision of the Fairhair Alliance is to pave the way for the Internet of Things on a common network infrastructure for building automation and lighting control systems, by defining a common network infrastructure to ensure interoperability for common network services between building automation and lighting control systems. And Zumtobel is actively involved in specifying these standards within Fairhair. ‘

Jens Herter
Coordinator Standardization, Zumtobel Group



‘The Fairhair Alliance is playing a vital role in the fragmented landscape of IoT standard initiatives, by specifying a cost effective and secure IPv6-Based common network infrastructure that serves as the “architecture-of-choice” for interoperable Lighting and Building Automation. And NXP, as leader in “Secure Connections for a Smarter World”, should be part of the ecosystem, contributing to the set of technical specifications.‘

Hans Dollee
Head of Technology Partnerships at NXP