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Join the Fairhair Alliance

Benefits of Fairhair Alliance membership

Companies, associations and universities can benefit from joining Fairhair by:

  • Receiving recognition as one of the leaders driving implementation to make ‘IoT’ and smart buildings a reality for Lighting and Building Automation systems.
  • Breaking down the traditional silos of the independent systems in buildings. Opportunities arising from unifying the communications infrastructure of the Building Services landscape.
  • Co-creating the common network infrastructure specifications, by defining requirements and validating related specifications for an aligned, unified solution at various levels of the IP based interoperability solution
  • Co-creating the draft specifications for the application protocol layer, to be adopted by the respective eco-system domain standards developing organizations.
  • Getting access to specifications and interoperability testing with other members.

Who are the Fairhair members?

Fairhair is an alliance of leading companies from the lighting, building automation and IT industries. We also have important liaisons with other key organizations.

You can view a list of our members here.

How do I join?

There are two levels of membership: Sponsor and Regular.

In addition, Liaison membership is available to partner organisations and Academic membership is available for universities.

For more information on which category may best suit your needs and ambitions, please send an email to the Fairhair Secretary General.

The Fairhair Alliance Charter and Membership agreement are available here.