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Fairhair news

TCLA ends activities, but work continues in Fairhair and elsewhere

Published on Wednesday 11 January 2017, by Tim Whitaker

The Connected Lighting Alliance (TCLA), a global association of lighting companies that described itself as “the primary advocate of wireless lighting connectivity”, has dissolved its organization effective December 31st, 2016.

TCLA says that it has accomplished its goal of converging the lighting industry in support of the use of open protocols for wireless lighting solutions.

TCLA reached two major milestones when it:

  • Endorsed ZigBee 3.0 for consumer applications, and
  • Identified the Thread Group as the organization to develop a suitable network-layer protocol for indoor professional lighting applications.

TCLA’s work and vision for interoperable wireless lighting solutions will continue at TCLA's partner organizations, namely the ZigBee Alliance, the Thread Group and the Fairhair Alliance.

Fairhair is carrying forward the mission of TCLA by improving product interoperability and standards unification in smart commercial buildings. Fairhair will do this by developing IPv6-based technologies for building automation and lighting control systems, including middleware solutions for application services such as security, discovery and network management.

Download the TCLA press release and additional materials

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