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Technology overview

Fairhair Specification

July 2019

The Fairhair Specification is the culmination of Fairhair's efforts to define a common Internet Protocol (IP)-based network infrastructure for buildings, independent of the application ecosystem, and based on open standards.

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As well as the critical aspect of security, the Fairhair Specification includes other essential elements such as resource discovery and identification. Fairhair originally dealt with these features in separate draft specifications but has since consolidated its work into a single publication.

Technical objectives of Fairhair

The Fairhair Alliance envisions a future where building-automation and lighting-control systems utilize the Internet of Things (IoT). Fairhair contributes to the realization of this future by providing IP-based connectivity solutions for resource-constrained devices to all interested application ecosystems, such as BACnet, KNX and ZigBee.

Fairhair’s technical objectives include the development of specifications for common application-protocol services closely tied to the network layer. These services include security, resource discovery and network management, as well as a common resource model and specifications on the usage of CoAP.

On top of the application services, Fairhair anticipates more-specific adaptations from the ecosystems i.e. KNX, BACnet or ZigBee.

The Fairhair specifications build on existing and emerging IT protocols, developed in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

The picture below summarizes the technical objectives of Fairhair and the role of other participants.


Draft specifications - March 2017

In March 2017, the Fairhair Alliance cleared its first three draft specifications – Resource Modeling, Resource Discovery, and Security – along with a security requirements document.

The drafts were made available to selected companies and organizations outside Fairhair. Feedback and comments were received, and these will be used to refine and improve the draft specifications.

For further information on the drafts, please download the accompanying White Paper.